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2024 Vehicle, Boat, and Trailer Addendum

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THINKING ABOUT OFFERING RV & BOAT PARKING / STORAGE AT YOUR FACILITY? Purchase a Vehicle, Boat, and Trailer addendum for only $149! BE SURE TO TAKE ADVANTAGE OF THIS GREAT MEMBERS-ONLY BENEFIT! Written by Carlos Kaslow, Esq. of the Self Storage Legal Review Network, all forms are guaranteed to be compliant with current California laws! Worried about law changes? No need! If the California laws change and result in changes to the addendum offered, you will receive a new copy with all applicable changes - FREE OF CHARGE!* Why spend up to $1,500 to have an RV & Boat Addendum drafted. This Addendum can be easily integrated into several industry standard software packages! Don’t worry! Instructions for this document's proper use are included! Contact us today to receive your Addendum electronically. Provide the Addendum to any print store to print your copies on triplicate paper for immediate use! Our hope is that by offering our members a model for creating a current and reliable Rental Agreement, we will be able to provide California operators a degree of protection from unnecessary legal disputes. * This product was last reviewed and updated in January 2024. THIS IS A NON-REFUNDABLE ITEM. *Active CSSA Membership required for form updates. Once the product has been downloaded, refunds will no longer be available. **Once purchased you will receive an electronic version within 24-48 hours**

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