FAQ's (Frequently Asked Questions) 

Q: Can CSSA (CA Self Storage Association) help with issues or problems between you and your self storage facility?

A: CSSA is a non-profit trade association formed to help storage businesses through education, advocacy, and networking opportunities.

     CSSA does not have any control or jurisdiction over the operation of the self storage facilities.

     Owners of self storage facilities maintain sole control and discretion over their own operations.

Q: Who owns Self Storage facilities?  

A: Some are corporations and businesses and some are individuals – there are over 1,500 different owners of self storage facilities throughout California.

Q: If you are having a problem such as payments, late fees, liens, potential auctions, where can you get help?

A: Since self storage businesses are owned by various corporations, business and individuals, they are not operated similarly. Here are some suggestions:

Please note - your rental agreement ultimately controls your payment obligations. You should contact your store manager to discuss options, if any.

1.     READ YOUR RENTAL CONTRACT – most issues and resolutions are explained in the Rental Agreement you signed when you rented your space
2.     CONTACT THE MANAGER – Usually a phone call to the manager will help to work something out
3.     TRY TO CONTACT A REGIONAL MANAGER OR THE OWNER – if you are still unable to work something out, you can try to reach out to regional manager or owner who has ultimate authority at your facility