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Local Initiatives Fund 


CSSA members individually support many non-profit and charitable organizations. As an association, we have two special Charities  - Kure It Cancer Research that funds research program focusing on rare, deadly childhood brain cancer; and Charity Storage – a program where every self storage facility can collect abandoned and donated items to raise funds for a charity of their choice.

Kure It Cancer Research  


In 1998, Barry Hoeven, founder of Westport Properties and US Storage Centers, was diagnosed with kidney cancer. As Barry battled this disease, he recognized the lack of funding for research to cure kidney cancer and many other underfunded cancers.

To help increase needed funding, he founded the non-profit Kure It Cancer Research. Kure It’s mission is to be the leader in granting funds to scientists researching underfunded cancers. Researchers receiving Kure It funds use this “seed money” to explore innovative research projects at top Comprehensive Cancer Centers.

Cancer research is critical, 1 in 3 Americans will get cancer in their lifetime and every minute 1 person in the US dies from cancer. These statistics are frightening, but together we can change them!

Kure It has several ways for you to join us in the fight for a cure:

-Kure It has a special program designed specifically for the storage industry, Round Up for Research. Tenants can choose to ‘round up’ their rents by $0.50 a month, or make a one-time donation, and that money goes to Kure It. This program is a win-win, to-date it has raised over $2.5M for cancer research, and provides great cause marketing for your organization! If you are interested in hearing more about this program, please contact us today!

-Kure It has partnered with the CSSA for their Charity Golf Classic held at the Napa Conference. When you sign up to play or sponsor the golf tournament, your donation goes towards cancer research. Join us for a day of fun and networking while giving back to a great cause!

-Donate items to Charity Storage. Since Kure It and Charity Storage were both founded by Barry Hoeven, we’re often called ‘sister charities’. When you donate your unwanted goods to Charity Storage, 20% of the proceeds go directly to Kure It, and you can also designate the another 60% to go to Kure It as your designated charity of choice.

-Shop online with AmazonSmile and support Kure It. While using your Amazon login while on your desktop, simply search Use your normal Amazon login on your desktop computer and select Kure It Inc. as your charity. While using the Amazon app you can select AmazonSmile in the settings and select Kure It Inc. as your charity.  The AmazonSmile Foundation will donate 0.5% of the purchase price from your eligible AmazonSmile purchases to Kure It.

-Consider joining Kure It’s Board or Directors.

-Consider joining Kure It’s Women’s Guild. The Women’s Guild “Hive” supports the purpose and activities of Kure It through fundraising, education, and community outreach. Hive members actively go out into the community and work hard to spread knowledge and their passion for supporting cancer research. More information can be found at  

-There are many ways to donate to Kure It. We have options that allow you to give back in a variety of ways such as donating an unwanted car, gifts of appreciated securities, estate planning, or onetime or recurring cash gifts.  See all options at:

Kure It is truly making an impact on cutting edge research. To date, we have raised over $10 Million, supporting over 42 research projects across the country and internationally at 15 different institutions.

We like to share an example of the success of Kure It and the CSSA’s partnership. In 2017, funds provided by Kure It, thanks to fundraising through the CSSA generated a $100,000 “seed grant” for a collaboration between 2 researchers at University of California, Irvine studying stomach cancer tumors. As this resource was being developed, a new collaboration was proposed between 4 UC Cancer Centers: UCSF, Davis, UCLA and UCI – making it the largest cancer center entity in the world. After the seed grant and collaboration with UC cancer centers, Dr. Dayyani received a $6M grant by the National Cancer Institute to create a broader resource for scientists to test new ideas for stomach cancer treatments. This was all possible because of Kure It’s initial funding!

For the latest updates on Kure It and the CSSA, check out the Charity News section of the CSSA website:

  Help us fund the next big breakthrough in cancer research! We thank you for your support!


About Charity Storage

Charity Storage is the Official Charity Partner of the Self Storage Association & SSA-Managed State Associations, and the first and only national self storage industry charity. It is also a Charity Partner of the ISS World ExpoStorelocalthe SBOA and the NVSSA, as well as an Affiliate Member of the AZSA and the CSSA. In addition, the TSSA has recently started to recommend Charity Storage to its members. Charity Storage enables self storage facilities to utilize existing resources to raise funds for charities throughout the United States. 90% of auction funds are disbursed to qualifying organizations. Over $700,000 in auction proceeds has been generated to date.

The Charity Storage Giving Back Program is an opportunity for the self storage industry to raise funds for charities throughout the United States. Owners and managers designate a unit as the Charity Storage Unit at each participating location, collect abandoned and donated items in the unit, then list the unit for auction. A Charitable Donation Receipt is provided for all donations.

When enrolled facilities sell the contents of their Charity Storage Unit in a live or online auction, the proceeds are distributed to the Charity Chosen by the Facility (60%),
 Kure It Cancer Research (20%) and the Self Storage Association Foundation Scholarship Program (10%). There are over 300 pre-screened charities already enrolled in the program, and more can be added if they meet the stated criteria. Charity Storage retains 10% to help cover administrative costs and is able to accomplish this through donations made to our Sponsorship Program by storage industry operators and vendors.

About Sponsorships

Sponsor contributions make it possible for Charity Storage to distribute 90% of all auction proceeds to qualifying charities. They also enable Charity Storage to continue the necessary outreach to increase facility enrollments, enhance brand visibility & recognition, as well as to promote it to the public at large. This puts the organization in an optimal position to continue to help the self storage industry to give back to the communities they serve through Charity Storage Unit Auctions. There are several yearly giving levels:

  • Angel (Closed & Exclusive Category)
  • Benefactor ($10K+/Year)
  • Guardian ($5K+/Year)
  • Sustainer ($3K+/Year)
  • Supporter ($1K+/Year)
  • Friend (Under $1K/Year) 
  • In-Kind

The Sponsors receive widespread acknowledgement for their support, including Press Releases, recognition on the Charity Storage website, in the quarterly Connections Newsletter, as well as in digitalsocial & print media.

   To learn more about the Charity Storage Giving Back Program, please visit us at

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