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California Self Storage Association


Local Initiatives Fund 

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Membership makes your life easier. We’re all about you - Everything we do, we do with the betterment of our industry in mind.


Owner/Operator Memberships offer:

• Access to our Member Community. It's similar to Facebook but just for our members!
• Notifications on all "Owner/Operator" focused events
• Discounted admission to all CSSA events
• A monthly copy of the Globe Magazine. One of our industry's largest publications!
• Access to our standardized rental agreement
• Customizable employment manual and other publications for a low price
• Eligibility to participate in our workman's compensation insurance program
• Complimentary copy of our membership directory upon request
• Access to Members only resources and products - including some freebies!
• And best of all? One membership will cover you; employees and all!

$250 / yr
Single Facility Owner/Operator

$350 / yr
Small Owner/Operator

Owns or Operates 2 to 5 Storage Facilities
Add up to 10 Employees or Facilities


$1,250 / yr
Medium Owner/Operator

Owns or Operates 6 to 15 Storage Facilities
Add up to 15 Employees or Facilities


$2,250 / yr
Large Owner/Operator

Owns or Operates 16 or more Storage Facilities
Add Unlimited Employees or Facilities


Business Partner

Standard Business Partner Memberships offer:

• Be a Resource to our Members - get a listing in (and online access to) both the Membership and Vendor Directory
• Make Connections - attending events at a discounted rate means you're saving money while you're generating it
• Get Exposure - multiple opportunities for name/logo recognition - advertisements, banner, ads, opportunities to present
• Demonstrate Your Support for the Industry - sponsorship opportunities are exclusive to member companies only
• One Membership - includes all that and up to 10 team members in your company

Featured Business Partner Memberships offer:

• You get everything the Standard Vendor member receives - listing in (and online access to) both the Membership and Vendor Directories, discount to CSSA events, exposure via banner ads, opportunities to present, sponsorship opportunities

PLUS the following:

• Highlighted listing in Vendor Directory
• Copy of Membership Directory in digital format
• Be on our list referrals sent out to requests received at the office and by SSA (national)
• CSSA will add to our online calendar and send out an email promotion for educational sessions put on by your company in CA
• You will be acknowledged as a Featured Vendor on the CSSA website
• Your logo will be highlighted in our programs at CSSA two major events: Napa Self Storage Owner's Conference and Annual Self Storage Owners Summit in Newport Beach
• One membership for all this, and it includes up to 10 team members from your company

$1,000 / yr
Featured Business Partner

Add up to 10 Employees or Offices


$400 / yr
Standard Business Partner

Add up to 5 Employees or Offices



We offer a short term Individual Membership for those new to our industry.

Individual memberships do not include facilities and are intended for managers whose owner is not a member or those new to our industry with no ownership.

• Access to our Member Community. It's similar to Facebook but just for our members!
• Notifications on all “manager” focused events
• Discounted admission into all CSSA events
• A monthly copy of the Globe Magazine. One of our industry’s largest publications!
• Access to a limited number of our "members only" resources and products - including some freebies!
• And more!

$200 / yr

Associate Membership is reserved for those interested in self storage industry and currently have no facilities. Please contact the Association Office to receive permission to apply.

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$200 / yr
Hawaii Affiliate

This is an Affiliate membership for Hawaii Owner/Operators ONLY. Please contact the Association Office to receive permission to apply.

Contact Us

P: 888.277.2207
F: 949.861.9425

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Why Join?

1. We Have Your Back

Everyday your rights as a property owner and a self storage business are under attack by politicians with their own agendas at every level of government. The CSSA advocates for self storage rights morning, noon, and night and since we are a part of the National Self Storage organization we have advocates in Washington fighting for your rights, daily.

2. What You Need to Know

With the daunting amount of news and information coming at you constantly it’s impossible for any one person to keep up. Our team curates and alerts you to the "must have” information to ensure you’re in the know. Plus, we feed you the best in trends, economic forecasts and expert outlooks to make it easy and quick for you to be up to date in what’s happening in the industry. Visit the News Section of our website. Already a Member? Adjust your message alerts by visiting your member profile. If you need help with this visit the FAQ Section of our website for more information.

3. Who You Need to Know

Do you ever wish you could use a lifeline and "phone a friend?” Our members can do just that because they know each other. We combat "owner isolation” through live events held in various locations across the state where members meet each other. Countless deals, ideas, connections, direction, experiences and laughs have been shared as we get to talk shop. Technology has not replaced the need for good old one-on-one, in person conversations which are the backbone of real relationships. Check out our online resources or contact us in office today at 909.912.1962.

4. Training You Want

As a storage insider, you know there are many skill sets required to run an efficient and profitable facility or chain of stores. Whether you’re a seasoned veteran or a newcomer we offer a variety of informative classes, seminars, and workshops to improve expertise. Popular subjects include legal, sales, marketing, and customer service. Visit our online event calendar today for information on upcoming events.

5. Lower Your Legal Costs

Stay current on the California Law with our compliant legal forms such as unit rental agreements, RV & Boat rental agreements and Employee Handbook. Our legal team reviews and updates all of the contracts offered on a regular basis. When you use CSSA forms you never have to worry about being in legal compliance. Plus, members are able to join the Legal Review Network where they can turn for advice at a super low rate.

6. You’ll Be Nationwide

Did you know that by becoming a part of the CSSA you are also supporting the Self Storage Industry nationally? When you become a member of the CSSA, you automatically receive an affiliate membership to the National Self Storage Association giving you access to discounts on SSA events, including their Las Vegas Expos!

In addition, you receive discount to ISS World Expo and one-year FREE subscription to ISS Magazine.

7. You Get Insider Pricing

Lock up the best possible pricing on the things you need from our long list of products available online and by tapping into our extensive database of vendors who offer exactly what you want. For example, we offer low, low rates on Employee Manuals and CA specific Rental Contracts written specifically for your use. You’ll also receive discounted rates on all CSSA events, trainings and publications.

8. We’re All About You

The sole purpose of the CSSA, a non-profit organization, is to support you in your self storage business. If you take advantage of any of our many offering you can easily save our low annual membership fee. Plus, your membership includes ALL of your employees at NO additional cost. Of course, you can go it alone, although that often proves to be a difficult and ultimately a more expensive route.

California Self Storage Association

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California Self Storage Association
5325 Elkhorn Blvd., #283 
Sacramento, CA 95842

P: 888-CSSA-207 or 888-277-2207


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