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Favorable Court Ruling

Friday, April 05, 2019 2:00 PM | Ross Hutchings (Administrator)


In a recent case (Halliburton v. Stadium Properties) the self storage industry received a very favorable CA Court of Appeal opinion dealing with several sections of the Self-service Storage Facility Act. At every turn, the court rejects the plaintiff's arguments that the jury verdict should be reversed. It clarifies many issues of lien law - however, it is to be an unpublished opinion. (per attorney Carlos Kaslow)

California does have a procedure for requisition publication of unpublished cases. Given the importance and positive nature of this opinion, SSA and CSSA sent a letter April 5, 2019 to the Court of Appeal asking the court to publish this opinion

See letter here: HalliburtonRequestToPublish - FINAL.pdf  

We will keep you posted on our progress to get this positive ruling published.

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