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USstoragesearch.com integrates with nearly all major property management software’s

Saturday, February 20, 2010 2:06 PM | CSSSA Admin (Administrator)

Omaha, NE Feb. 19, 2010 – USstoragesearch.com announces the completion of a comprehensive integration into all of the storage industry's main property management systems. This integration makes USstoragesearch.com the only online storage network that integrates with all major self-storage management systems in the industry.

Effective immediately, USstoragesearch.com's online network integrates with these property management softwares: Centershift STORE, SiteLink PC, SiteLink Web, DOMICO, Syrasoft, Storage Commander, StorMan, Symbio, Task Master, Total Recall and WinSen.

Any USstoragesearch.com member facility using one of the above property management systems now has a seamless way to display available inventory and secure online reservations via the USstoragesearch.com website, http://www.usstoragesearch.com/.

Through the USstoragesearch.com online reservation network, facilities can offer their customers a real-time inventory of available storage units, pricing and specials, 24hours a day, seven days a week. Reservations are confirmed by credit card and delivered in real-time through their property management system.

USstoragesearch.com completed the integration in partnership with the ISSN Network, creating custom development for certain softwares that did not yet allow for online reservations. With this comprehensive integration, nearly all storage facilities can fairly compete for the storage customer's secure online reservations.

USstoragesearch.com Executive Vice President, Megan Eckert explained, "We've been able to customize a solution which gets around the built-in limitations within some softwares. This is good for our industry and opens our online reservation network to storage operators who have been waiting for the same convenient access to real time reservations as everyone else.”


About USstoragesearch.com

Established in 2004, USstoragesearch.com is the self-storage industry leader with the longest running and largest storage directory, featuring over 12,000 member facilities and more than 2.8 million storage units nationwide. Storage customers using the USstoragesearch.com online reservation network search real-time available storage units by facility location, unit size, property features and specials. Customers have an easy way to find, compare and securely reserve storage by credit card in minutes. These real-time reservations have been proven to convert to paying rentals for member facilities more than 90% of the time. USstoragesearch.com is a trusted storage partner; serving the storage industry with aggressive and cost-effective marketing. Visit USstoragesearch.com at http://www.usstoragesearch.com/.

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