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Friday, June 25, 2010 3:02 PM | CSSSA Admin (Administrator)

Chamberlain Access Solutions has introduced a new product, the AccessMaster® Overlock™ system that revolutionizes self storage. Basically, the Overlock system can be engaged to prevent the hasp on a unit door from being opened. However, with an extensive list of capabilities and features the Overlock system changes facility management with benefits that include enhanced services, streamlined operations, and maximized profitability.

When the data provided by the Overlock system is harnessed, the business performs effectively at serving customers, operating efficiently, and generating profits. Facility managers can streamline operations and delinquency processes and access details about the facility from the office, minimizing the need for laborious lock and door checks. Business owners and operators can take advantage of tools and data that help to increase profitability and improve operational efficiencies. The technology sets the facility apart from competitors, providing an added layer of security that includes improved documentation of site activity.

Thanks to the patented technology of the Overlock system, customers will notice the

difference, managers will praise the simplicity, and owners will enjoy the significant gains.

Components working in unison

· Overlock Device: When activated, this wireless device secures the roll-up door on a self storage unit by preventing movement of the hasp to the open position.

· Overlock Transceiver: Similar to a wireless head-end, it is the communication center of the Overlock system, reporting commands and status for each Overlock device.

· Overlock Repeater: Extends the range of wireless communication through structures and over distances to ensure reliable wireless transmission of data.

· Overlock Application: An easy to use and simple to understand software application for control and visibility of the entire Overlock system.

Compatible door and hasp types/brands are listed in the technical specifications on the product sheet. The Overlock system is scalable: A single site can have anywhere between one and 8,000 Overlock devices working together to form a system. The system, including Overlock devices, can be installed without interrupting the flow of normal business. The unit door can stay closed and locked during the installation and wireless means no trenching will be necessary!

This Changes Everything


The Overlock system provides tools and capabilities that:

· Automate the move-in process.

· Prevent access to storage units with past-due rent, without manually placing additional locks on unit doors.

· Provide tenant access as soon as rent is made current.

· Streamline lien and auction procedures.

· Identify the status of all unit doors, without the need to leave the office to conduct visual inspections.

· Discourage tailgating into the facility.

· Prevent unit access during a customer's extended absence.

Chamberlain Access Solutions is a leading developer and manufacturer of access control, site security, and facility management products and services. Offering the AccessMaster, PTI, and Digitech brands, Chamberlain Access Solutions delivers integrated hardware, software, and service solutions for customers worldwide. The firm is a division of The Chamberlain Group, Inc. that was formed in 2008,

following the acquisition of PTI Integrated Systems and Digitech International. Chamberlain Access Solutions continues the proud legacy of these 25-year industry leaders with innovative quality products and superior customer services for the self-storage industry.

The Chamberlain Group, Inc. manufactures and markets access control products including residential garage door openers, commercial door operators, residential and commercial gate operators, telephone entry systems and related access control products.

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