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StorageFront Launches Bilingual Web Pages

Friday, July 16, 2010 3:01 PM | CSSSA Admin (Administrator)

Contacts: Carrie Royce, VP Marketing Rich Cray, President

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StorageFront Launches Bilingual Web Pages

 The specialty search engine offers both English and Spanish pages to accommodate more of the American population

Kansas City, KS – July 15, 2010 – StorageFront president Rich Cray looked at his self storage search engine and similar websites in the industry, and realized that none of them were accommodating a large fraction of the self storage market.

Hispanics are the fastest-growing population in the United States. And according to a report in comScore, the Hispanic online demographic is growing 50 percent faster than the overall U.S. online population.

Bilingual services enable companies to overcome cultural barriers and ensure that their products and services reach a larger target audience. With this in mind, Cray decided to make StorageFront the first self storage search engine to have bilingual pages.

StorageFront hired professional interpreters to translate the site into Spanish. Unlike computer programs – which directly convert written materials from one language into another, but often result in awkward wording – translators must have excellent writing and analytical ability. And because the translations that they produce must be accurate, they also need good spelling and editing skills.

Furthermore, effective website translation is a lengthy process requiring more than word interpretation. Written materials must be extracted, translated, and reinserted into content sections that are routinely designed for shorter phrasing. Typically, the site has to be rebuilt, tested, and UI-verified in different web browsers to ensure that the translated text displays correctly.

To read StorageFront in Spanish, visitors to the site can simply click the Habla Espanol icon on the site's front page.

"Our clients at StorageFront are thrilled with the bilingual feature, especially in the South, because a huge part of their customer base speaks Spanish as their first language—and oftentimes as their only language,” Cray said. "At most self storage facilities in the lower half of the U.S., it's a requirement that their managers speak Spanish.”

Tracy Taylor, who is president of the National Self Storage Association, has facilities all over Texas and has hired several bilingual managers. Many of the Watson & Taylor stores have bilingual ads on billboards, but before signing with StorageFront, they did not have a bilingual presence on the web.

"StorageFront is really the only site where there is an amenity or an option to check ‘Habla Espanol',” Taylor said.

"We're all about making StorageFront a one-stop shop for anyone looking to rent a self storage unit,” Cray said. "Managers in the South tell us that trust is very important to their Hispanic customers, and they believe StorageFront bilingual's interface will help build that trust with their Hispanic clientele and pull in many more customers.”

About StorageFront (http://www.storagefront.com/)

StorageFront launched in 2009 to provide a web marketing resource for the self storage industry specifically, which now numbers over 50,000 facilities nationwide. A bilingual web portal featuring search-by-amenity and geo-relevant sorting, StorageFront serves self storage owners and renters with an advanced search engine that comprises the large majority of U.S. storage facilities. StorageFront is headquartered in Kansas City, Kansas.

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