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Friday, March 15, 2013 2:40 PM | CSSSA Admin (Administrator)

It Is Good Form to Have the Proper Forms And the CSSA Has a Package of Forms for You

It is a necessary, and sometimes bothersome, element of running any business -- forms. You love them and hate them, but you need them. The California Self Storage Association (CSSA) is well aware of the needs that self storage owner/operators and managers have for forms. The good news is that the CSSA has put together a package of forms and the better news is that they are free to CSSA members.

This new member benefit from the CSSA is one that executive director Erin King is particularly pleased about.

"We consider it a top priority to always find new benefits for our CSSA members,” says King. "After numerous requests from members, the CSSA is pleased to bring the forms package to help with a variety of situations that arise at their facilities. We certainly hope that all of our members take advantage of this free offering.”

An overview of the Forms Package can be found in the CSSA STORE, but here is a quick look at the breakdown of the forms that are available. These model forms were drafted and reviewed by an industry attorney. As mentioned, they are free to current CSSA Members. Non-members can purchase this forms package for $270. Form updates will be provided to CSSA members in good standing at no cost.

1. Partial Payment Receipt on a Liened Space* - This letter informs Occupants that their partial payment has been received, specifies the remaining balance owed, lets them know that partial payments do not stop the lien process and that fees will continue to accrue until the balance is paid in full or the property has been sold. *The CSSA does not recommend accepting partial payments

2. Facility Receipt of Legal Documents - This form is to be filled out upon facilities receipt of legal documents from past or present Occupants.

3. Occupant Release and Conveyance - This form is to be filled out (along with a Rental Agreement in new Occupants name) when a current Occupant would like to release unit responsibilities and rights by transferring their existing unit and all items inside in to someone else's name. Both parties must be present.

4. Corporate Resolution/Authorization Company Trustee Agreement - This form is to be completed in conjunction with a Renal Agreement where the officer of the Company will not be available to execute the Rental Agreement. This form is best used for sales representatives and other associates renting a unit on behalf of their employer/company.

5. Occupant Release of Interest - This form states that the facility has accepted a full or partial payment from the Occupant to settle their debt owed and that the Occupant is either releasing their interest in the unit and all items stored within so that the facility may dispose of it in any manner they see fit OR the Occupant is agreeing to remove all items from the unit, restore it to its original state and vacate the premises within the agreed upon amount of time.

6. Occupant Change of Address Form - This form is to be filled out and signed by Occupants when changing any contact information in order to avoid miscommunications or unauthorized changes in Occupant information.

Although these forms were drafted and reviewed by an industry attorney, the CSSA always recommends that you have an attorney review your forms prior to use especially if you make any changes or additions.

"Our hope is that by offering our members a model for creating current and reliable forms, we will be able to provide California operators a degree of protection from unnecessary legal disputes,” King concluded. "We will continue to find ways to help our members and make the CSSA the best state association in America.”


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