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Self Storage Vendor Nova Storage Celebrates Launch of “Forward-Thinking” Website with Web Marketing

Tuesday, September 16, 2014 2:08 PM | CSSSA Admin (Administrator)

By Tim Schlee

September 16, 2014

Westwood, KS – Nova Storage has joined with web marketing firm StorageAhead to launch a new and innovative website. The locally owned, Los Angeles-based storage vendor hopes to increase visibility across the web and better serve its customers in a highly competitive and concentrated market.

Director of Operations Kelly Hanna wanted a high degree of functionality without sacrificing simplicity and ease of use. "StorageAhead offers a forward-thinking look and feel,” he said. "They are on the cutting edge of technology, and their many years of expertise in the field allows us to be better at our job, which is to draw in more customers and to rent spaces.”

Nova Storage is one of many recent additions to StorageAhead’s WebWorks platform. The Westwood, KS-based web marketing company focuses its efforts on the self storage industry, building dynamic and individualized websites. What drew Nova Storage, said Hanna, was the adaptive design, management software integration, geolocation, and the potential for improved lead generation.

"We’re competing against the big boys,” Hanna said. "By using StorageAhead, we can compete with the major brands by exploiting the same technology they use.” The responsiveness of the new website will allow Nova Storage to be more adaptable to the market and to adjust prices, specials, and features at the same pace that larger storage providers enjoy.

An improved online presence is not the only plan in store for Nova Properties. "We want to buy more facilities in the area,” said Hanna. He stressed the convenience of having locations that are close together, providing the opportunity to move a customer from one location to another based upon availability. "The south L.A. facilities are all within a 15-minute drive of each other,” he said. In partnering with StorageAhead, he hopes Nova Storage will continue to grow and achieve even greater market penetration in an area dense with self storage facilities.

About Nova Properties

Founded in 1979, Nova Storage owns and manages eight self storage facilities in Los Angeles County.Nova Storage is actively looking to grow its portfolio through acquisitions and partnerships. For more information, visit

About StorageAhead

StorageAhead offers the most comprehensive web technology for the self storage industry. We give your business the competitive edge by providing the tools you need to boost your rentals and maximize your profits. With our personalized marketing websites, lead-generating search engines, and business management software, our professional team is dedicated to your brand. Together, our experience in online marketing and our knowledge of the industry is what makes our technologies – and your self storage facility – succeed.

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