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California Self Storage Association

AB 2902

Wednesday, May 25, 2022 11:00 AM | Ross Hutchings (Administrator)

(Kiley R)   State of emergency: termination after 30 days: extension by the Legislature.    

Current Text: Introduced: 2/18/2022   html   pdf

Status: 4/29/2022-Failed Deadline pursuant to Rule 61(b)(5). (Last location was EMERGENCY MANAGEMENT on 3/17/2022)

Location: 4/29/2022-A. DEAD

Summary: Would require a state of emergency to terminate 30 days after the Governor’s proclamation of the state of emergency unless the Legislature extends it by a concurrent resolution, as specified. The bill would prohibit a concurrent resolution from extending a state of emergency by more than 30 days, as specified.

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