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NO ON PROP 15 Non-Monetary Contribution Form + Tenant Letter

Tuesday, October 06, 2020 9:59 AM | Ross Hutchings (Administrator)

Self Storage Operators

This is a repeat of the email sent you originally on October 19. We wanted to remind you again to reach out to your tenants, especially since ballots are arriving this week!

We also wanted to remind you that if you use our letter verbatim, then no reporting is required. However, if you modify the letter or send a letter of your own creation, you need to complete a Notice of Non-Monetary Contribution formhttps://californiaselfstorage.org/page-18159

CA Self Storage Owners and Businesses:

As you know, Proposition 15 is on the November ballot and mail-in ballots will be sent to California voters on October 5, 2020. If this proposition 15 passes, most commercial and industrial real property owners will lose their Prop 13 constitutional protections, and will be reassessed at current rates into the future (with a minimum reassessment every three years). This could substantially increase your property taxes, especially for older/legacy assets, and will continue to raise your property tax in years to come thereby hurting newer acquisitions as well. In addition, we believe the impact to other small businesses, NNN tenants and various other industries will be crippling.

In an effort to help defeat this proposition, we need your help. Please consider emailing or mailing the letter at the link below, signed by Ross Hutchings of the CSSA and Tim Dietz of SSA, to your self-storage tenants, friends, family and neighbors. This letter is being provided as an additional resource and for ease of use; that said, you are also free to utilize your own letter head and message, just be sure to comply with all campaign contribution guidelines. Feel free to contact Ross Hutchings for more information on campaign contribution compliance. Here’s the bottom line, no matter how the message is delivered, it’s crucial to get the word out to as many people as possible so we can DEFEAT PROPOSITION 15. 

If you decide to use the attached CSSA/SSA letter, below is a “cover message” that owners/operators can utilize for the email-blast to your tenants:

“Dear loyal customer, as a privately owned self-storage business, we typically do not get involved in politics nor make recommendations on voting preferences. However, we feel that you need to know what may happen if Proposition 15 passes. Please take a moment to read the attached statement provided by the local and national self-storage associations, and please seriously consider their message and request for you to Vote NO on Prop 15!

Thank you for your continued business and best wishes to you and yours during these trying times.”

Again, please consider emailing or mailing the letter at the link below, signed by Ross Hutchings of the CSSA and Tim Dietz of SSA, to your self-storage tenants, friends, family and neighbors.

NO ON PROP 15 - Letter to Self Storage Tenants

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