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"PhoneSmart’s Crazy Tuesday Prediction Set May On Record-Breaking Course

Monday, June 21, 2010 3:03 PM | CSSSA Admin (Administrator)


Columbia, Missouri USA – June 18, 2010 - PhoneSmart self storage call center broke an all-time personal record for the most reservations made in one month. The off-site sales force and call center brought in 3,165 reservations during the month of May, representing an estimated $2,278,000.00 in revenue for its clients. (Data based on PhoneSmart's 90% conversion rate and an $800 lifetime customer value)

PhoneSmart self storage marketing also saw the best month for average reservations per store. Tron Jordheim, PhoneSmart Director and business speaker, said, "We were not even close to the record number of calls per store or the record number of calls in a month. So don't think we did this just because we took more calls. Our conversion rate of calls to reservations was what made the difference. So the takeaways from May's outstanding results are three: 1, Our customer centric approach to selling works very well. 2, PhoneSmart's huge investment in training, monitoring and coaching pays real dollar dividends for our clients. 3, There is strong demand in the marketplace for self storage. All three of these are very positive for our clients.”

This record-breaking month came as no surprise. On May 11, 2010, PhoneSmart forecasted that the month would be an uncharacteristically busy month as ‘Crazy Tuesday', the last Monday of the month and the first of June all swelled together to create a May Day buzz.

May was not the only month for breaking records; June 1, 2010 now holds the PhoneSmart record for the most calls taken in a single day, while maintaining an answer rate that exceeded 95%.

Tron Jordheim also added, "PhoneSmart's telesales reps take great pride in their sales success. We are not an answering service with a price list handy. We are not in the business of collecting names and phone numbers. It is not our goal to tell people to go to a kiosk or a website. PhoneSmart's goals are to rent space, reserve units, set appointments and take our clients' callers off the market.”

About PhoneSmart:

PhoneSmartself storage marketingis a call center offering storage unit reservation, lead generations and sales training seminars to the self storage industry. The company has served the industry for over 10 years and its call center answers for around 800 self storagefacilities across the U.S. and Canada. PhoneSmart has generated over 600,000 leads to the self storage industry and continues to be the leading self storage call center and source for sales training.

In addition to call center services, PhoneSmart offers sales training, quality assurance and self storage marketing to the storage industry."

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