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Kaslow on Covid-19 Sick Leave

Friday, October 30, 2020 10:18 AM | Ross Hutchings (Administrator)

Renowned self storage attorney, Carlos Kaslow on AB 1867 - Covid-19 CA Sick Leave Law:

First, the good news about California‚Äôs new Covid-19 paid sick leave law (AB 1867):  unless a business  has 500 or more employees it does not apply.  The bad news is that the number of employees is determined by counting all employees, not just those who work in California.   For supplemental sick leave purposes, the company must include workers anywhere in the U.S. and its possessions.  Benefits are only paid to California based workers, but all employees are counted, even those retained through a hiring agency.

The vast majority of California self storage facility operators are not covered by the supplementary sick leave pay requirement. We assume that those large operators who are covered have their human resource departments hard at work on implementing its requirements.  Figuring out which employees are and are not covered, the maximum benefit workers may collect, and exactly when the supplemental leave expires is not as simple as employers may think. The law could sunset on December 31, 2020 but may be extended if the Covid-19 emergency continues.       

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