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Gov. Newsom update 8.3.20

Monday, August 03, 2020 1:50 PM | Ross Hutchings (Administrator)

On Monday, August 3rd, at noon PDT, Governor Gavin Newsom held a press briefing to provide a COVID-19 update on the state’s response to the pandemic.

The Governor opened by discussing Imperial County.  He reported that the state partnered with locals there to fight the rapid rise of COVID-19 infections and that those interventions have worked.  Now, California is looking to take similar action in other parts of the state.  Newsom is deeming the approach— “the Imperial Model”.

The Central Valley is now the state's biggest area of concern, Newsom said, even as other regions are seeing COVID-19 numbers stabilize.

As he does regularly, Newsom addressed the latest COVID-19 numbers, including the hospitalization and intensive care unit (ICU) patient figures.  There are 6,383 positive COVID-19 hospital patients.  Of those patients, 1,909 patients are in the ICU.  These figures of decreasing and Newsom said he feels confident in the state’s critical care capacity at this point.  More generally, Newsom said, California’s number of positive cases was 5,739 yesterday. The 7-day average was 7,764 –which down roughly 21.2 percent from last week. That is good news.  Also, the positivity rate is trending down.  The 14-day positivity average is now 7.0 percent statewide.  Previously, it was around 7.5 percent.  Further, the 7-day positivity rate is lower at 6.1 percent.

Currently, there are 38counties on the state’s monitoring list.   The list can be found here: https://covid19.ca.gov/roadmap-counties/.

During the Q&A, Newsom was asked whether he thinks teachers should be required to work from their classrooms even if students are not there.  Without directly answering the question, Newsom stated, "I don’t believe anyone should be forced to put their life and their health at risk."  He also said the state has given a lot of discretion to individual schools districts to make these type of decisions. 

On rent relief – Newsom said he is “actively engaged” on rent relief bills moving through the Legislature.

Regarding school waivers – Newsom promised guidelines this afternoon for elementary schools that want waivers to reopen.

Asked why California is finally seeing some declines in COVID-19 case numbers, Newsom said a combination of factors including masks, social distancing, hard work by workers and businesses, are all helping.  However, he also warned that "we can quickly find ourselves back to where we were."  Further, his Administration predicts there will be a second wave in the Fall.

Newsom said he would "consider" a California quarantine on out-of-state visitors, but thinks the numbers presented today prove that the state can get a handle on the pandemic without blocking visits from other states.  “The key is that when people come in they need to abide by the rules.”

Regarding businesses that have had to close, reopen, and then close again –  Newsom directed those establishments to the https://covid19.ca.gov/ website for resources.

On whether he will call a special session – "If it's necessary to have a special session... we'll consider a special session," Newsom said.

The briefing concluded approximately at 1:00 PM PDT.

The California Department of Public Health (CDPH) has announced the most recent statistics on COVID-19.  There are now a total of 514,901 (+1.1 percent increase) confirmed positive cases and 9,388 (+0.3 percent) deaths in California.  As of August 2nd, there have been 8,184,696 tests conducted in California and reported to the California Department of Public Health. This represents an increase of 148,721 tests over the prior 24-hour reporting period.  More information regarding the most recent COVID-19 statistics can be found here.

On July 31st, Newsom signed an Executive Order that extends the deadline for county assessment appeals boards to issue a decision on pending tax assessment appeals filed on or before March 4th.  The text of the Governor’s executive order can be found here and a copy can be found here.  For a copy of the Governor’s Office press release, please see here.

On July 29th, Newsom announced a series of actions to better serve workers that have experienced job loss during the COVID-19 pandemic, including the formation of an Employment Development Department (EDD) strike team, and a renewed focus on processing unpaid claims.  For a copy of the Governor’s Office press release, please see here.

The https://www.covid19.ca.gov/ website is being updated continuously.  A complete list of the state’s ongoing COVID-19 response efforts can be found here.

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